The Team

Serving with Excellence

Samia Bingham

Founder & CEO

Samia, the Chief “fire starter”! Samia has birthed a few ideas and brought them to the market within industries such as government contracts consulting, residential and commercial real estate, property management. Samia’s love of people and the idea that everyone deserves an opportunity to shine in life birthed the company just a few short years ago. As a Wife, she is his leading lady; as a Mom, she’s chief of hugs, but as the Founder & CEO she is charged with being the ultimate risk taker and forever learner.

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Chris Bingham

Vice President & COO

Chris, two years into his vegetarian lifestyle fell in love with the culinary world and experimenting with converting his favorite meat dishes into delicacies that would satisfy his new non-meat palette! An amazing Husband and Dad to two of the most loving children is poised to bring his professionalism from executive boardrooms to leading our Human Resources team and operations. You just may find yourself wrapped in a conversation about his newest vegetarian steak and cheese- don’t say we didn’t warn you!