Food Service Management

Flavors Culinary Group food service management program is an exciting outlet for our amazing culinary artists

to use their passion, creativity, and expertise to prepare and serve amazing dishes for each our client needs. We prepare and serve the best in local, fresh, and healthy foods utilizing raw ingredients and no processed foods. Our dietitians ensure that our meals are heart healthy, yet tasty and delicious and enhance our overall guests’ experience from school cafeterias, corporate offices, government agencies, and even conference and entertainment complexes.

Government Agencies

Being one of the largest employers between local, state, and federal agencies around the country, government agencies are in need of food service management to provide access to an expanding workforce. In manty locations, access to affordable food within close proximity can be challenging especially when located in large cities which are attracting large corporate businesses which increase the pricing for food and housing when they get to town. Although employees can and do bring food to work, it is not practical to expect them to do so every day and agencies call on Flavors Culinary Group to step in and provide a solution to meet their needs.  

High quality, affordable food service is a critical factor in employee retention and productivity at. Geographical isolation is another deterrent for outside dining choices. With most personnel having limited time for lunch breaks, on-site dining choices are critical to employee morale and productivity. On-site food service management also provides a sense of community to bring your staff closer outside of meetings and the daily grind. As an economically disadvantaged woman-owned minority business, we welcome the opportunity to share our capabilities with your team and discuss your agency needs. ​

Public and Private School Dining Halls

Our future leaders of tomorrow learn their eating habits very early on in life. Flavors Culinary Group takes tremendous pride in ensuring that we understand and follow all local, state, and federal food guidelines when serving students from grade school through college. Introducing new foods as allowed and within the guidelines is how we are contributing to their vibrancy and focus to do well in their studies. Nourishing the mind and body is our commitment to our youth.

Sporting/Event Venues

Your patrons are excited to support their local team or performer and what better way to increase their overall satisfaction with your event than to work with a food management service whose mission is to keep them happy with healthier food options as well. Long gone are the days of over fried, salty, and overpriced foods. Flavors Culinary Group stands by their commitment to serve “fast food alternatives” with healthier options for today’s expanding and health conscious palette. Our food is still served “fast” to ensure lines are kept to a minimum, but with a conscientious effort to improve quality of life even at a fun outing.

Hospitals & Treatment Facilities

Choosing the right nutrition for your patients is vital and can be matter of life and death. We take our role as your partner in food service management for your hospital, correctional, and treatment facility very serious. Our clients work very closely with our best-in-class dietitians to ensure that we are providing food that is both nourishing and compliant for your patients’ special needs while also being satisfying and delicious.

If your facility would like to discuss your food service management needs, please reach out to one of our Flavors Food Service Management Specialists and we’d be delighted to come up with some viable, cost-effective solutions. If you are seeking a full build-out of a food service facility, we have an in-house team that can handle this as well.

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