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What We Do

Flavors Culinary Group is a culinary talent management firm which manages the career of food and beverage professionals through recruitment, continued education, skill enhancement and placement on local, state, and federal government contracts, food trucks, restaurants and commercial kitchens. 

Who we Are

As a culinary talent management firm it’s easier to state that we are not another staffing firm. We are the firm that you call on to be your strategic partners in supporting your number one asset–your staff!

We understand that the daily goal is to get the food onto every table and guest tabs closed with efficiency. And with the hustle and bustle of the revolving door occupied by excited, dining guests, there is the tendency that your staff takes a backseat to the work which results in high turnover, career burnout, less than stellar hospitality and the list can go on and on.

Flavors Culinary Group made a commitment that we would support our culinary management teams with the daunting task of taking a truly vested interest into the people that can be the rise of stellar reviews and returning guests or the demise of your reputation as a culinary artisan.

Our responsibility is take care of your team and ensure they have an outlet to be the best version of themselves from their home to the kitchen. To be the best, we are required to do our best, which includes:

Creativity and out-of-the box strategies

Creativity and out-of-the box strategies in our recruiting processes.

Providing opportunities for our staff

Providing opportunities for our staff to complete and/or further their education with access to programs such as the General Equivalency Degree (GED), budgeting, personal credit improvement, financial literacy and other culinary and non-culinary continuing education courses.

Competitive salaries commensurate with the cost of living

Competitive salaries commensurate with the cost of living. If we want to keep our staff, we MUST pay living wages. We will work closely with our clients to include this model into their operations so that the value of a fully engaged staff is worth far greater than the increase in salaries across the board.

Incorporating career counselors who work closely with each staff member

Incorporating career counselors who work closely with each staff member to ensure they are working strategically on their goals consistently. No man or woman is left behind. If a staff member is not meeting the expectations of our client, we have a step-by-step process in which we implement to come up with an effective action plan to correct, adjust, improve or remove.

These are just a few of the ways in which we are building a solid culinary workforce and teams that are making a difference within the industry and that we are honored to place on our client worksites. Each client is different and it is our mission to create win-win-win solutions (the third “win” is for our staff)!

Who we Service

Our clients come from an array of culinary venues and disciplines. Currently we are serving the following:


Food Trucks

Catering Firms

Government Agencies


Corporate Deli’s & Kitchens

Bar & Grills

E-commerce Brands

Beverage Manufacturers

Private Chefs

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If you own or manage a commercial kitchen we have the resources and desire to support you!


From customer service, restaurant cleaning, office administration, consulting, to full-service staffing and recruiting, we are ready to work with you.

The Team

Flavors Culinary Group is led by two amazing culinary lovers!

Samia Bingham

Founder & CEO

Samia, the Chief “fire starter”! Samia has birthed a few ideas and brought them to the market within industries such as government contracts consulting, residential and commercial real estate, property management. Samia’s love of people and the idea that everyone deserves an opportunity to shine in life birthed the company just a few short years ago. As a Wife, she is his leading lady; as a Mom, she’s chief of hugs, but as the Founder & CEO she is charged with being the ultimate risk taker and forever learner.

To learn more about Samia and her journey in business, check her out: 

Chris Bingham

Vice President & COO

Chris, two years into his vegetarian lifestyle fell in love with the culinary world and experimenting with converting his favorite meat dishes into delicacies that would satisfy his new non-meat palette! An amazing Husband and Dad to two of the most loving children is poised to bring his professionalism from executive boardrooms to leading our Human Resources team and operations. You just may find yourself wrapped in a conversation about his newest vegetarian steak and cheese- don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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